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Hour of Code Website:

Khan Academy Hour of Code (<— clickable link)

The “Hour of Code” is a one-hour computer programming activity that students of all ages can choose from a variety of self-guided  tutorials. This hour of computer coding can be done on an iPad, iPhone, or computer. Last year 15 million students participated in the Hour of Code, and I’m hoping many children from AES can take part this year!

Personally, my favorite thing about Hour of Code is how much girls love it! Out of all the computer science degrees awarded in the U.S., only 12% are earned by women. I think we can do a great thing here at AES by encouraging our students to be excited about computer science/programming, something that as you know is growing faster than we can keep up with.

Try the tutorials at They are Angry Birds, Star Wars, Minecraft, Inside Out, Ice Age, and Frozen! (sing it with me.. Let It Go!!). Recommended ages are on each tutorial. I guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun right with your child/student!

Here’s a video to show you that any student can take part in Hour of Code!

President Obama discusses the importance of computer science!


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